Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Summer 2011

I did A LOT of swimming

at the city pool ...
...and at Cousin Jake's farm...
I went to Sports Camp
I played with my crazy sister.

I had so much funwith my Melin Cousins, even on a VERY HOT 4th of July!

I helped Mommywith the baby .

I was silly with my little brother, James.

Look at all those Melins at the ranch!

I went camping a lot. Here I am at Pine Creek in July.

I went on a lot of hikes. Here I am with my mom at Pine Creek. We sang songs to make the walk go by faster.

Daddy took us backpacking. I carried all my own stuff and slept in a tent that night. It was cool!

We rode lots of rides and had a great time at Lagoon.

We got lots of souvenirs and had a great time!

I floated the river a few times this year, but most of the summer it was way too high because of all the snow melt and spring rains this year. But floating in September rocks!

I started second grade on August 31st. My teacher is Mrs. Meador. James is in Mrs. Mogen's kindergarten (Addie had to go to the intermediate school this year--waaah!--but we all ride the same bus home).

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  1. Heidi!! I didn't even know you had a blog! It looks like you had a fun summer. I miss you alot! The picture you made for me and the card you sent me are hanging on my fridge. I think of you whenever I see them, which is many times a day!! I hope that you don't grow up too much before I get to see you again.
    Love, Aunt Debbie