Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's A New Year!

Here's what I've been doing:This is me , Addie, Niles & James. We are getting ready to open our presents on Christmas Morning.
Niles- "Happy New Year! I'm awesome!"

On December 20th my class did a play of "The Mitten." I was Baba (the Grandma)

Here I am KNITTING the mittens

"YAY!" Me singing Christmas Songs.

Niles- "I'm cute and I'm sittin' in my sink-tub!"

Pretty Ranch View. This is where I spent New Years with my cousins.


10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I like playing Wizard 101

2. I like to play with my baby brother, Niles.

3. My favorite foods are nutella sandwiches

4. My favorite candy is Ferrero-Roche hazel nut balls

5. I like horses. I like them more than elephants now.

6. I miss Aunt Debbie & our play dates.

7. When I grow up I want to be a nurse or doctor who helps people get babies out of their tummies (OB nurse or doctor)

8. I am turnign 8 in April and I want to get baptized

9. I can't wait to go to the temple when I am 12.

10. I loved learning about the phases of the moon in school (my teacher is AWESOME)

THAT'S ALL! Thank you for reading this.

Love, Heidi

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Summer 2011

I did A LOT of swimming

at the city pool ...
...and at Cousin Jake's farm...
I went to Sports Camp
I played with my crazy sister.

I had so much funwith my Melin Cousins, even on a VERY HOT 4th of July!

I helped Mommywith the baby .

I was silly with my little brother, James.

Look at all those Melins at the ranch!

I went camping a lot. Here I am at Pine Creek in July.

I went on a lot of hikes. Here I am with my mom at Pine Creek. We sang songs to make the walk go by faster.

Daddy took us backpacking. I carried all my own stuff and slept in a tent that night. It was cool!

We rode lots of rides and had a great time at Lagoon.

We got lots of souvenirs and had a great time!

I floated the river a few times this year, but most of the summer it was way too high because of all the snow melt and spring rains this year. But floating in September rocks!

I started second grade on August 31st. My teacher is Mrs. Meador. James is in Mrs. Mogen's kindergarten (Addie had to go to the intermediate school this year--waaah!--but we all ride the same bus home).

My Big Update

Last time I posted, I was about to turn 5, I was in preschool, andA LOT has happened since then...April 2009: I turned five

August 2009- I started kindergarten in Mrs. Thums' Class

Addie was a good big sis and showed me around.

April 2010: I turned 6

April 2010: We went to Arizona on Spring Break to say good bye to my great-grandpa...

April 2010: The last time I saw my Papa Bill

August 2010: I started first grade in Mrs. Bartz's class

April 2011: I had a "Bob" party and turned 7

April 2011: I competed in a Tae Kwon Do tournament...

...and came in third place (I beat up 2 boys a belt above me!)

May 2011: I got a new baby brother on May 19th!

Me and my Niles

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Big, heavy

Slow, eats, drinks

Zoo, Africa, south, food

Fast, runs, walks

Small, light