Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Pictures from Christmas in Arizona

This is the first picture I took on Christmas morning when Santa brought my camera. I am happy.

This is Christmas night when I was going to bed at Nana Lyn's house.

This is my Uncle Sam being a funny bunny

I am being silly to Aunt Kristen

Aunt Kristen is a goofy angel in this picture

This is Grandpa Bill's computer. It's a picture of them getting married.

Uncle Sam has goofy eyes and he was just being so silly.

I just was sittin' down to take a picture with them. Kortni and Pearl were visiting Nana Lyn and Papa Bill.

I was bein' a pirate

I been bein' so silly in this picture.

I'm a cat that's like, "bababa!"

I'm playin' trains with Bub for a while and I had to get my beautiful shirt on.

This is my mommy bein' real silly

That's Aunt Kristen. She's so pretty, it's a fashion show. We were talkin' about her baby's name and I want him to be named Baby Seamus Ole Sam.

I like Bubby so much. He is saying cheese.
Crazy Viking Heidi

I am thinkin' about my silly show right there.

I'm bein' a grumpy monster

My toy dog can do tricks. He can be in a show and that's why he's on a stage.

Nana Lyn made us a delicious dinner and the table was so pretty. I loved those sweet potatoes.

Look at my dad in the snow!

Dad is a scary gargoyle.

It's the Addie show!

More Silly Heidi

This is the second picture I took with my camera on Christmas morning...Addie and her Barbie house.

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